How this story begins

Posted on Janurary 1st, 2001 by Red01Z06

In January 2001 my wife Kristen and I decided to go and price used corvettes for me. I had a 1991 convertible that was ready for some work and she said that maybe I should just go and get a newer corvette instead, and fix it up the way I wanted it. She knew that the 91 did not have the engine that I wanted and if I spent all my time fixing it up, I would still not be happy. So off we went.

I found a 96 convertible that I liked, and she suggested that we check out the C5 corvettes. We went to a used car lot that specializes in elite cars and started pricing the C5's. Kristen could not believe the price on these low mileage cars and wanted to know what a new one cost so we drove down the street to the Chevrolet dealership and started looking at the new convertibles.

This is when my life changed. The price of the new corvettes are not that much more than a clean low mileage used one and so she felt I should just get a NEW one. A salesman came over to see if we were just window shopping or serious car buyers. After a quick Q&A session he realized we were worth his time. The salesman leaned in close, looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was listening in and whispered, "I have a Z06 out back." After realizing I was a Z06 enthusiast he "snuck" us out back to check it out. Apparently the person who had ordered it was going bankrupt and could not take delivery of the car. Kristen did not have a clue as to what we were talking about so she just stood off to the side and observed. She told me later that she felt like she was witnessing a drug deal go down, and as any Z06 enthusiast knows, just sitting in one can get you high. The car was parked in the back, away from the other cars (as it should be) and still had the protective plastic all over it. For about 10 minutes we were the only ones around and then a few salesmen joined us with, what appeared to be, their "select" customers. In Kristen's words "After you all wiped the drool off your chins (you certainly wouldn't want it to drip on THE car) you touched it and talked about it like it was a unique and priceless gem." Now let's break that down -[unique (yu-'nEK); adjective: a. being without a like or equal; b. distinctively characteristic]; [priceless ('prIs-l&s); adjective: a. having a value beyond any price; b. costly because of rarity or quality]; [gem ('jem); noun: something prized especially for great beauty or perfection] She is absolutely correct! After everyone else left, my salesman went to get the keys so I could start her up (the car, that is). Kristen who had been off to the side quietly leaning against the fence, calmly walked over to me and said those magical words "Buy it!" I wasn't sure I'd heard her correctly and when I asked her what'd she say, she said it again "Buy it!" My knees began shaking so much I nearly fell down. I asked her if she was serious, I mean you do NOT kid a man about something like this, she said "yes." Then I asked her why like it really mattered, she said as she watched all of us ogle over the car it made her think this is something special and a "must have" vehicle. I reluctantly told her that there was no negotiating on the price, as a matter of fact they wanted $5,000 over the sticker price. You know what she said? - "So". Just a simple "so." By the time the salesman returned with the keys it hit me I CAN BUY THIS CAR!!! I was shaking and could hardly speak. With the calmest voice I could muster, I told him 'We'll take it." As we were sitting there, filling out the paperwork, out-of-town customers, who had been notified of the available Z06, arrived to purchase it. I wanted to yell "It's MINE!" but I let the salesman deal with them. It was nice to hear him tell them they were too late.